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  • Acoustic Guitar: Martin DCME cutaway mahogany dreadnought
  • Electric Guitar: Music Man John Petrucci 6-string
  • Bass Guitar: Music Man Stingray
  • Amplifier: Diezel Herbert 180 watt
  • Drums: Roland TD-12 V-Drums

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  • Vocal Booth: Whisper Room 4x6 standard model
  • Vocal Microphone: Shure KSM32 single diaphragm condenser
  • Other Microphones: Shure SM58, Audix OM 5
  • Soundcard: RME Fireface 400
  • Speaker Simulator: Palmer PGA 04 speaker simulator and load box
  • Tuner: Korg DTR-1000 rackmount tuner
  • Power Conditioner: Monster PRO 2500 rackmount
  • Monitors: KRK V8 Series 2
  • Headphones: KRK KNS 8400

  • DAW: Cubase 5
  • Misc: Fab Filter total bundle
  • Synthesizer: Session Strings
  • Drums: Steven Slate Drums
  • Synthesizer: Native Instruments PRO-53
  • Synthesizer: Steinberg HalionOne, (Fab Filter synths)
  • Other Effects: Effectrix

Its No Good (cover)

February 20th, 2012 + 5:02 PM  ·  brianvaughn

Igor and I just finished recording a re-make of Depeche Mode's "It's No Good"

I'm not sure of BandAmp's policy on cover songs. If they're not kosher, then my apologies and I will refrain from posting again. In case they're okay though, I really wanted to share this because I think it turned out quite well (and I love the original).

Parts of You [updated]

February 15th, 2012 + 7:02 PM  ·  brianvaughn

Ok. Let's try this again since I uploaded a bad initial copy.

Just finished recording this song. I'm pretty happy with it overall, though I'm unsure about the ending.

Feedback is welcome, as always.

Little Girl

February 10th, 2012 + 11:02 PM  ·  brianvaughn

2nd song for the RPM challenge in 2012. As always, feedback is appreciated!


Hold on little girl. Don't lose hope.
Even though things seem so damn broken now,
I want you to know that it gets so much better.

My thoughts flow out, like a hurricane,
Always pressing on to you even when we are alone.
You hold a piece of this wandering heart.
I only hope it brings some comfort when you're feeling low.

Challenges show your strength

Just wait for tomorrow.

Holding on when we're weak makes us stronger.
Squeeze my hand if you're afraid.
I won't leave you.


February 6th, 2012 + 7:02 PM  ·  brianvaughn

New recording after being forced to take a few weeks off due to personal health issues.

It's a little all-over-the-place (hence the name) but I'm excited to share it with you fine folks all the same.

Special props to my buddy Karl who laid down a wicked solo from 1:48-2:10. Otherwise, this is all me.


Shorty, you have weapons and you use them without hesitation.
Don't pretend you're helpless when you're not.
You've taken something that you never had a right to ask for
A girl like you gets everything she wants.

You are only offering your hand because you want to prove you can care for someone other than yourself.
Or maybe I am just a lucky sucker, in the right place at the wrong time.

And you know that you could tell me anything at all that's on your mind.
I have always been here to support you.
You tell me that you miss me and I really wish I could believe you,
But I recall the last time.

You have nothing you could offer.
I've already offered more.
This is how I'm really feeling, if you're wondering.

Woman this is something I don't want to have to say again.
You're going to have to trust me if we're ever going to act as friends.
And words are not enough,
I want your actions to agree with them.
You can't just ask me to believe you.

I remember thinking you were different than the ones before you.
Don't go proving my suspicions wrong.

I'm sorry for the things I say.
Sometimes I speak before we think.
Should think I would have learned by now,
But I'm still figuring out what drives me.

My mind is there with you.
You're the only place I am.
My lungs they burn for you.
Its forever.

Revolutions (v2)

January 14th, 2012 + 11:01 PM  ·  brianvaughn

Posted an earlier mix of this song on BA and got some lovely feedback. (Thanks!)

Ended up changing it pretty drastically- rewrote most of the guitar and drum bits. Thought I'd post an updated version.
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